Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Like any meaningful role, caring requires advanced skills, in particular those which enable complex interactions to take place. Most individuals who require care depend on the carer being able to recognise and respond to ever changing needs in a person-centred way. Often there will be barriers to communication and, frequently, there will be emotionally charged situations to manage. Meeting these challenges is only possible when the carer possesses interpersonal skills such as: empathy; genuine positive regard; active listening; emotional dexterity and intrapersonal skills such as: self-awareness; reflection; critical analysis and emotion awareness. A carer who lacks the necessary ‘inter’ and ‘intra’ personal skills‘ will find it very difficult to be receptive and responsive to the subtle needs of the individual. This is particularly pertinent when dealing with vulnerable people who may find it difficult to articulate their needs. ‘Inter’ and ‘intra’ personal skills can be described collectively as ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

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