Thursday, 30 April 2015


Welcome to the RankeinScale conversation blog. The purpose of our blog is to inform, explore, connect and share best practice in the exciting field of Emotional Intelligence. In particular we will initially focus on the importance of EI in the care, health and education sector. The Rankein partnership is consists of Dr Bob Rankin, Gillian Nineham and Martin Laidlaw. We have developed the scale as a result of Dr Rankin's unique research and acclaimed publications. We intend to launch this new and innovative assessment tool in June this year. Moreover the demand for improved recruitment practices and quality assurance in the care sector is increasing all the time. We believe passionately that a good emotional intelligence score on the Rankeinscale will be of direct benefit to care employers, healthcare training and education institutions. We also know that individuals seeking employment or who want to progress in the care sector will benefit from undertaking this unique tool. Further (and longer) posts will follow and as we set on our journey of improving the quality of care.