Monday, 18 January 2016


What is an apprentice?

Apprentices are paid employees who work within your team learning from colleagues on the job whilst also studying towards gaining qualifications.

What is the minimum age for an apprentice?

Apprenticeships can begin at the age of 16. There is information about employing young people here.

What sort of roles do apprentices take?

They may work directly with your clients or help provide a service such as catering, finance or administration among others.

Do I have any say in what they do on the job?

Yes, you can adapt your apprentices' programmes to suit the needs of your organisation.

Are there different levels of apprenticeship?

Yes there are three levels:

Is there funding available for apprenticeships?

Yes, funding is available from the Skills Funding Agency, You can find details about it here and here

Can I hear about the experiences of other employers with apprentices?

Yes, Skills for Care publishes a number of case studies on their website. You can find them here.

Is there anywhere else that I can find more information about employing apprentices?

There are a number of resources available:
- Skills for Care Infographic 'Apprenticeships in adult social care'

The system of Apprenticeships is being completely overhauled in England. The system of ‘frameworks’ will be replaced by a system of ‘standards’. The latest information on these changes are available here on the New Apprenticeship Standards page.

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